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der körper der stadt

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maxRIEDER – im rahmen des konzertes klangforum wien, november 2014 hat maxRIEDER die europäische stadt gezeichnet
“der körper der stadt”
video by michael hierner
music by kosta t – mixmi

3 Kommentare zu “der körper der stadt

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  3. Thank you for your Video! i truly believe that architects should enroll more in such an actions and get away from daily routines. Good that it was transforming all the time, so showing nature of city. In few moments only with 2 fast hand movements with sponge full of water whole picture of fragmented gestures immidiately were turnded into site of Vienna (see 1:55 until 2:14 secs). i think that is cruacial topic for cities in General and Vienna- When it receives it’s identitiy? Was it when Stephansdom was finished? Or WAgner accomplishes his Burgring? Is city recognisable at the moment of its popullation growth? Imagine how many cities in china has it,s popullation over 3 million and has historical center!

    Another observation is about line types. how simple and clear is division between nature ( Curved lines and City grid with voids.

    I would want to see The same performance with transparent blackboard and getting filmed from from behind!

    Although simmilar style and thought is Hidden under Cenks Guzelis movie “The Aleph . V I E“
    see link below!

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