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What If the City were Super-Different? Super-Beautiful? Super-Exciting?

„WHAT IF?“ constitutes a central question in the architectural design process. The symposium Superstadt! 2013 takes this question as the reason to narrate notional cities and lived environments. „WHAT IF?“ is followed by the questions „HOW?“, „WHO?“ and „FOR WHOM?“. How are these stories told, written, drawn, filmed or charted? How does one communicate content that is still largely unclear, or crazy, jinxed? Who narrates, who reads, who is involved, and how? Who are the story‘s protagonists, the novel‘s heroes, the horror movie‘s monsters? And how does this concern the future of the city? The question „WHAT IF?“ helps in describing possible futures, in weighing alternatives and assessing directions. It allows for the consideration of fictions in architecture and the creative handling of the inevitable at the same time. Weiterlesen